The online manual indicates that it is possible to open a transaction with a [Transactional] attribute (see http://wiki.dataobjects.net/index.php?t ... ansactions )

However, the [Transactional] attribute does not seem to exist in DO 4.0.5. The only similar class I found in the source code is Xtensive.Storage.Aspects.TransactionalAspect, but unfortunately the class is internal.

Has the [Transactional] attribute ever existed in previous versions of DataObjects 4.X ? If so, why has it been removed ?

From my understanding, the only alternative is to use :

using (var transactionScope = Transaction.Open()) {
  // Transactional operation runs here

Is this correct ?

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asked Sep 04 '09 at 16:09

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One Answer:

You're right, [Transactional] is obsolete from v4.0.5. Wiki will be fixed.

Use [AspectBehavior] attribute instead. Examples:

[AspectBehavior(true)] // will activate Session & open transaction [AspectBehavior(OpenTransaction = true)] // will only open transaction [AspectBehavior(OpenSession = true)] // will only activate session

Btw, you must consider that [AspectBehavior(true)] is applied automatically to all public methods & properties of any SessionBound ancestor. If you want to disable this for a particular public method, use either [AspectBehavior(false)] or [Infrastructure] (suppresses all the aspects).

P.S. Your code with opening a transaction is correct, so it can be used as well.

answered Sep 04 '09 at 20:58

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Alex Yakunin

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