I try to create a new object after opening transaction and I get this error: Table 'Byte-Generator' is not found in storage.

What I'm missing?

Here is a sample of the object that I try to create:

Imports Xtensive.Storage
Imports Xtensive.Core
Imports Xtensive

<Serializable(), HierarchyRoot(), Index("Description")> _
Public Class TypeProduction
   Inherits Xtensive.Storage.Entity

   Private _ID As Byte
   Private _description As String

   Public Sub New()
   End Sub

   <Key(), Field(), Xtensive.Storage.FieldMapping("ID")> _
   Public Property ID() As Byte
         Return _ID
      End Get
      Private Set(ByVal value As Byte)
         _ID = value
      End Set
   End Property

   <Field()> _
   Public Property Description() As String
         Return _description
      End Get
      Set(ByVal value As String)
         _description = value
      End Set
   End Property
End Class

The table in my database have an AutoNumber Identity column set to ID.

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asked Feb 25 '10 at 05:19

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One Answer:

1. Set [KeyGenerator(KeyGeneratorKind.None)] @ ID property.

This will ensure DO won't try to generate keys of Byte type by its own. AFAIK, only integer types higher than short\ushort are supported by built-in key generator. I'll give mode details on this after looking up our tests.

Another option is to change key type to short / int / long, etc.

2. The getter and setter you use are wrong: they rely on field you declared, but they must call GetFieldValue \ SetFieldValue methods instead.

See this section: http://dataobjectsdotnet.googlecode.com ... TypeEntity


  • You should use either autoproperties - in this case our PostSharp aspects will properly rewrite their MSIL code during the compilation.

  • Or write your own ones, but relying on GetFieldValue \ SetFieldValue methods (as it's shown in decompiled version of autoproperty there).

answered Feb 25 '10 at 11:21

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Alex Yakunin

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