Dears, I want to implement Localization for my application. i went through the localization sample but its not clear to me as how i can apply it to my controls captions, control values based on selected culture, Grid column captions and lastly localized error messages. please note i have made sure that each master table should have two properties NameEn and NameAr.

pls suggest Thanks HAN

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thanks for ur reply. i was too optimistic to ask u this.. i thought u may have solution for this also.. i have around 20-25 classes with name english and name arabic, so certainly i am looking for something to bind my controls to correct content based on culture selected...and as far as captions are concerned ,so i may put this in some xml. your localization sample was little diff for me to understand ,i will go thru it once again because i ought to have different data versions.

Thanks anyways HAN

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asked Jul 22 '10 at 11:53

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Localization sample is about data localization (maintaining versions of data for different cultures), but not about application-level localization - the part you're talking about must be described in .NET Framework documentation.

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One Answer:

Clear - thanks.

Btw, the ideas behind this sample are described in a set of Dmitri Maximov's posts. The last one is:

answered Jul 26 '10 at 12:57

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Alex Yakunin

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