Just trying an upgrade to V5 beta and have this message on compile:

Error 28 'Xtensive.Orm.Validation.RegexConstraint' does not contain a definition for 'Message'

Is the message parameter going to be added on subsequent releases.


asked Feb 02 '14 at 09:53

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One Answer:

Hello Tony,

this parameter was removed because it didn't provide an easy way for localizing message strings. Since we're evaluating various approaches with new validation framework it might return back in further DO5 updates.

On the other side with new validation you're not limited to bundled property constraints.

For example here is full implementation of NotNullOrEmptyConstraint

/// <summary>
/// Ensures that property value is not 
/// <see langword="null" /> or <see cref="string.Empty"/>.
/// </summary>
public sealed class NotNullOrEmptyConstraint : PropertyValidator
  public override void Configure(Domain domain, TypeInfo type, FieldInfo field)
    base.Configure(domain, type, field);

    if (field.ValueType!=typeof (string))
      ThrowConfigurationError(string.Format(Strings.FieldShouldBeOfTypeX, typeof (string).FullName));

  public override ValidationResult Validate(Entity target, object fieldValue)
    var value = (string) fieldValue;
    return !string.IsNullOrEmpty(value) ? Success() : Error(Strings.ValueShouldNotBeEmpty, fieldValue);

  public override IPropertyValidator CreateNew()
    return new NotNullOrEmptyConstraint {
      IsImmediate = IsImmediate,

RegexConstraint is slightly longer but approach is generally the same.

answered Feb 03 '14 at 05:58

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Denis Krjuchkov

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