Is nested .chm syntax fully supported? I'd like to put .chm files on a 2nd or deeper level of the contents tree. I've got problems with the following config.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1250"?>

        <item name="Home" title="Home">
            <item name="ProjectDoc" title="Project documentation" src="blank.html">
                <item name="DALU" title="D.A.L.U." src="blank.html">
                    <item name="DALUSrcDoc" title="Source documentation" src="DALU.chm" />

It correctly display the tree (including correct DALU.chm internal nodes/pages), but when I expand the tree and click on pages from DALU.chm, it says: > We’re sorry, but there is no help topic that matches your entry.

It is possible you typed the address incorrectly, or the topic may no longer exist. Please refresh Table of Contents and select another topic.

Am I doing something wrong / should it work correctly?

Updated at 21.04.2006 6:58:07

Or to put things simpler: is it possible to put .chm file on second or deeper level in the contents tree (i.e. nested within more than 2 parent <item> elements)?

It seems obvious from your description of Config.xml file ("Each <item> element may contain other <item> elements."), but your documentation contains no examples if nesting deeper than 1 (top-level) parent.

This is the example from your manual:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<item title="Home" src="Home.htm">
  <item name="do" title="DataObjects.NET" src="DataObjects.NET.chm" />
    <item name="a" title="Example A" src="Example A.htm" />
    <item name="wn" title="What's new in Lingvo" src="Lingvo.chm/new.htm" />
      <item title="Example A" src="ExampleA.htm">
      <item title="Example B" src="ExampleB.htm">
      <item title="Example C" src="ExampleB.htm" />

While the above example indeed contains more deeply nested <item> elements, they point to .html only, not .chm files. So should it work if I replaced ExampleB.htm with Example.chm?

Updated at 26.04.2006 12:19:12

Ok. Could you please at least confirm if that is a problem within HelpViewer or it's something I do the wrong way?

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asked Apr 20 '06 at 10:30

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Alexey Filatov (Xtensive) wrote: We are testing this issue. A resolution or workaround will be posted here as soon as possible.

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One Answer:

Alexey Filatov (Xtensive) wrote:

Hello Adam! Your Config.xml was correct, there was HelpViewer's bug. This bug has been fixed. The new release will be issued in the near future.

P.S.: There is one restriction of Config.xml - an item that represents a chm file cannot contain subitems (they will be ignored).

answered May 16 '06 at 12:51

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AdamKania wrote: Great thanks! So I'm waiting for a release (or update of nightly build, if possible).

(May 16 '06 at 12:51) Editor Editor's gravatar image
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