I''ve seen that there are some problems with displaying some sort of CHM and HTML files in OHV. I'm using nested files which are stored in folders in Resources directory for a lot of projects.

For proper display there's a sample Config.xml file with syntax:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1250"?>
    <item name="Home" title="Home" src="home.html">
      <item name="test1" title="Test 1" src="test.html">
        <item name="subtest1" title="Subitem test - HTML with image" src="subs/subtest1.html" />
        <item name="subtest2" title="Subitem test - single node content CHM" src="subs/subtest2.chm" />
        <item name="subtest3" title="Subitem test - multi node content CHM (root-parent)" src="subs/subtest3.chm" />
        <item name="subtest4" title="Subitem test - multi node content CHM (two roots)" src="subs/subtest4.chm" />
  1. There's no content for Home item despite the fact there is a source file for it. In fact, the "home page" for my instance OHV was the very first item in first CHM file in Config.xml, not even a HTML file. Although, Test 1 item is displayed properly.

  2. Subitem test - HTML with image is displaying a HTML file with source:

    <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=windows-1250"> <title>Place title here</title> </head> <body>

    Subtest HTML file with image

    </body> </html>

which is placed in Resources\subs\subtest1.html. The img.jpg image is placed in Resources\subs\img folder. HTML text file content is displayed properly, but the image file is not. When I'll put img folder in Resources dir, the image is displayed, but I cannot do that. I'ts caused by the fact that in real, the subtest1.html file and img folder with its content is generated automatically by a reporting tool for every project. The img folder contains some graphs, which names are the same for every project, but their contents are different.

  1. Although, I've tried to make a walkaround for second problem, and I've created a CHM file with single node - Subitem test - single node content CHM. But there was another problem - single node CHM file content wasn't displayed at all. Only a node defined in Config.xml was shown. In this example, the content of subs/subtest2.chm is displayed as a "home page" for OHV, but when I click any node with content I cannot get back to the subs/subtest2.chm file.

  2. To solve the third problem, I've created a CHM file with two nodes first, as a root with one child. But the content of this wasn't displayed properly either, because the root item was missing! So just for tests, I've created another CHM file with two root pages. This time OHV displayed both content files properly.

  3. Final issue, that I've discovered is that there is no content displayed when I'll select CHM file root item (all 3 CHM subitems examples), even if those files has defined "index" file (i.e. Doxygen generated code documentation).

An example set of files is placed here.

[EDIT] One more thing - when I'm setting a CHM file as a source for Home item, there is an error:

We’re sorry, but there is no help topic that matches your entry.
It is possible you typed the address incorrectly, or the topic may no longer exist.
Please refresh Table of Contents and select another topic.

and OHV doesn't display nodes defined in Config.xml.

Updated at 05.09.2006 12:39:09


I would like to ask a couple of questions about the progress in eliminating that bug I've reported. How is it going? When do you plan to make a release?

Best regards, Mirek

Updated at 05.09.2006 22:58:46

Thanks a lot.

Updated at 10.10.2006 11:23:09


I've noticed that HelpServer v.1.5.3 hast lost a functionality, which allowed to display XML files using XSL in previous versions. It's caused by inserting into displayed files JavaScript code at the end of file:

<script language='javascript' type='text/javascript'><!--
if (top==self && window.location.pathname.indexOf('Content.aspx')!=-1) window.location.pathname=window.location.pathname.replace(/Content.aspx/, 'Default.aspx');if (window.navigator.appName=='Netscape') {document.onmousemove = top.Divider_MouseMoveOnContent; document.onmouseup = top.Divider_MouseUp;}if (top.__HVSyncToc) top.__HVSyncToc('0_9_10');


I'm wondering if there is a possibility to exclude XML files from adding above code.

Best regards Mirek

Updated at 10.10.2006 12:12:53

I'll be happy to see that, because it will not require to make an external XML to HTML conversion.

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asked Aug 17 '06 at 12:01

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Website is updated. You can download new version from almost the same URL as v1.5.2 - just change the version number to 1.5.3 in it. Update notifications will be delivered shortly.

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We can disable this for files with XML extension, or non-HTML content. What do you think?

(Aug 17 '06 at 12:01) Editor Editor's gravatar image

Many thanks for so comprehensive report! The topic is moved to bug reports forum. We'll try to resolve the issue in few days.

(Aug 17 '06 at 12:01) Editor Editor's gravatar image

We'll fix the issue on this week. You may expect the update on beginning of the next week.

(Aug 17 '06 at 12:01) Editor Editor's gravatar image

Intermediate status report: we are still unable to fix the problem, probably it will take few more days.

(Aug 17 '06 at 12:01) Editor Editor's gravatar image

The problem is fixed. We'll try to deliver the update today.

(Aug 17 '06 at 12:01) Editor Editor's gravatar image

One Answer:

Support (Xtensive) wrote:

It appears that problem is a bit more complex then I decided initially - that piece of JS code is actually quite necessary (in particular, it handles some splitter-related tasks in Firefox). We'll think what could be done to workaround the problem for XML + XSL case.

answered Oct 11 '06 at 14:21

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The problem is fully fixed. We'll release the new version in 3-5 days.

(Oct 11 '06 at 14:21) Editor Editor's gravatar image
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