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Just a little suggestion, have you already thought about providing a storage provider for ESENT? ESENT is an embeddable database storage engine (ISAM) which is part of Windows. It provides reliable, transacted, concurrent, high-performance data storage with row-level locking, write-ahead logging and snapshot isolation.

You can find a managed wrapper for ESENT here: http://www.codeplex.com/ManagedEsent

kind regards, Thijs

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asked Jan 22 '09 at 09:39

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We'll think about implementing its provider as indexing provider after finishing with LINQ and our own file system provider (at least to fully test the framework). This must be pretty simple for us - btw, in contrast to most of (or all of?) other ORMs. We don't require storage to support SQL and are able evaluate queries at DataObjects.Net level - it seems that's exactly what necessary in this case.

answered Jan 26 '09 at 04:38

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Alex Yakunin

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