The update installer offers to remove the previous version. I suggest in this case, "quiet" uninstall the version. Ie do not ask for confirmation of removal and not to open the page in the browser.

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asked Jun 15 '10 at 14:00

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Alex (Xtensive) wrote:

Am I correct - you're asking about quiet uninstall, not install?

And, btw, what's your final purpose (I'm trying to figure out how important this is)? If quiet mode is necessary to install DO along with something else, then you can use is in either no-install mode (described in section 2 of the manual), or use file copying + Install.bat.

psulek wrote:

I think "joshua" have on mind that:

  • i have version 4.2.x installed

  • run installer of version 4.3.x, installer detect that i have old version and ask if i want to uninstall it

  • when i select yes, then it uninstall previous version and open page with uninstall reason - which is the problem here because we do not leave DO4, just upgrading to new version and thus there is no need to open such page. I know that opening such page is handled by uninstall part of installer, but when you call uninstall from installing new version, push some parameter to not show "uninstall page".

Hope you understand me :-)

Alex (Xtensive) wrote:

Clear. Possible approaches: 1) Ensure silent installation mode (/SILENT and /VERYSILENT switches) really works - I never checked this yet, so it might not be really silent. 2) Provide .zip or .rar with instructions allowing to install DO4 without installer at all. Almost everything is actually done here: Install\Install.bat file does most of work.

TODO: suppress "Uninstall reason" page on reinstall.

answered Jun 17 '10 at 06:16

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The main request IS: do not show any messages/messageboxes/actions/etc. while updating DO

(Jun 17 '10 at 06:16) xumix xumix's gravatar image

Nice, thanks!

(Jun 17 '10 at 06:16) xumix xumix's gravatar image

joshua wrote: Thanks!

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