I like to try the new installer for DO4 and unfortunately i got the message that this installer runs only on X86 plattform. I use a Vista 64 Bit (x64) Platform and therefore i couldn't install it. Please can you provide a x64 installer too.

Updated at 11.02.2009 9:16:54

Hello x-tensive, hello alex,

the installer runs but fails. I've stopped the installer at the moment he is trying to install PostSharp- On a x64 machine he must install PostSharp- I assume that the complete prerequisite detection and package installation is x64 unaware. I use the sourcecode package instead.

Best Regards


Updated at 06.05.2009 18:11:03

Hello Alex,

i try to test the latest Nightly, but the installer still doesn't work on a X64 Vista machine. The problem is mainly the PostSharp detection. It still tries to detect a x86 variant on a x64 machine. The installation continues but the PostSharp Setup fails and says PostSharp already installed (in the correct x64 Version)

DO Setup should detect the x64 Installation of PostSharp and skip the Installation process I have to put the x-tensive.Core.Waver.dll in the Plugin directory of PostSharp to compile the Samples.

Can you please fix this issue?

Kind Regards Thomas

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asked Feb 10 '09 at 01:18

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We just fixed the installer, but couldn't test it yet.

(Feb 10 '09 at 01:18) Alex Yakunin Alex%20Yakunin's gravatar image

One Answer:

We'll fix this. For now we use:

  • WiX - to build .msi - a real installer of DO. It looks like it fails on 64 bit OS.

  • Inno Setup - to build a bootstrapper installing all the prerequisites. Works perfectly.

So we're going to replace everything with Inno Setup. Must simpler, much better...

answered Feb 17 '09 at 05:06

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Alex Yakunin

To be fixed. Sorry for this annoying problem :(

(Feb 17 '09 at 05:06) Alex Yakunin Alex%20Yakunin's gravatar image
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