I was reading the disconnected state convo you were having with Alex Ilyin. I have some follow up questions, and I forgot the URL to the original blog post.

If there are requirements such as a DB roundtrip per 128 keys generated disconnected, how can we fully implement disconnected operation? E.g. a sales rep "disconnects" while on the road, but can still create orders and such. Then, when he returns to the office, he "reconnects" and we sync his changes?

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asked Feb 02 '10 at 02:20

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One Answer:

The part of discussion you read seems obsolete: now there are local key generators, which are used by DisconnectedState on the client, so now the client can operate fully offline.

The only issue is the API we use: I dislike the fact these key generators aren't actually related to the original ones. So likely, I'll simply merge this part (responsibility for generation of client-side keys) into existing KeyGenerators (i.e. will change their API accordingly).

That's one of reasons we don't release DisconnectedState right now. There is a set of issues like this, that must be definitely fixed before release.

answered Feb 02 '10 at 06:59

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Alex Yakunin

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