I ready the forum thread that has resulted in the DomainUpgradeMode.Legacy mode.

Can I use TableMapping to map to one of the views generated by DO3 for read only access to the DO3 class data?.

I have a number of persistent classes in a large DO3 database that I needed to use in a new module I am developing using DO4.

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asked Mar 02 '10 at 14:14

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One Answer:

DO4 still doesn't support mapping for views, even in Legacy mode. Although it's a good idea to implement this ;) We'll think about adding this quickly.

Concerning DO3 databases: as far as I can judge, now it must be possible to map new entities to them in Legacy mode: custom type discriminators are there, so this must work. On the other hand, I'd implement IModule providing values for these type discriminators automatically based on [doSysTypes] table content (or simply adding this info to definitions model).


  • There is no view support, but we'll consider implementing it in Legacy mode

  • Most likely, you already can consume v3.9 databases, but ideally you need a module automating extraction & assignment of type discriminator values.

answered Mar 02 '10 at 21:11

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Alex Yakunin

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