Insalled 4.3 RC2, played with it a little. Uninstalled 4.3, uninstalled postsharp 2.0, reinstalled 4.2.1. Rebuild my project in VS 2008 -> Assemblies are not processed with Postsharp

Updated at 24.05.2010 7:26:01

Uninstalled 4.2.1, installed 4.2.0 nightly @ 11/05/2010 - postsharp works OK

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asked May 24 '10 at 07:01

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Alex (Xtensive) wrote:

Most likely, that's not because of PostSharp. Was VS.NET running? I.e. it looks like it new settings (environment variable, etc.) simply were not propagated to it.

And, as far as I remember, v4.3 doesn't change anything related to VS2008 at all now. It changes VS2010 settings only.

olorin wrote:

Likely some files were not removed at uninstall : Usually some files remain in Common folder if visual studio was running, or not completely closed.

You should : * uninstall your version of DO.Net * Check if c:\Program files\DataObjects.Net is empty : if it not, remove all files * Reinstall

Alex (Xtensive) wrote:

The issue is fixed - I really made a serious mistake merging some of changes in .targets files from v4.3 branch. So current v4.2.1 really doesn't process files by PostSharp.

v4.2.1 installers will be updated in ~ 1 hour. I appologize for such inconvenience.

That's one more approval of the fact that any late changes before releases are extremally bad... I thought I made pretty innocent merge! :(

answered May 24 '10 at 07:31

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I closed both VS 2k8 & 2k10. I reinstalled 4.2.1 twice with no luck. Seems like this is a bug in 4.2.1 installer

(May 24 '10 at 07:31) xumix xumix's gravatar image

May be you have removed [assembly: Persistent] attribute from AssemblyInfo.cs? It isn't necessary in v4.3 (moreover, it even absents) - so e.g. our project upgrade tool does this.

(May 24 '10 at 07:31) Alex Yakunin Alex%20Yakunin's gravatar image

@olorin: read my messages, plz @alex: there were separate solutions for 4.3 and 4.2 Anyway, we have migrated to 4.3 now and everything seems OK

(May 24 '10 at 07:31) xumix xumix's gravatar image

olorin wrote: * When visual studio's window is not visible it does not mean visual studio's process has exited. * When has been uninstalled it does not mean all files have been deleted

If that does not help you, sorry if I bothered you.

(May 24 '10 at 07:31) Editor Editor's gravatar image

Lucas wrote: I have the same problem. Installed 4.2.1 - postsharp doesn't work. Uninstalled, reinstalled 4.2.0 - works OK.

(May 24 '10 at 07:31) Editor Editor's gravatar image

v4.2.1 installer is updated, the bug is fixed.

(May 24 '10 at 07:31) Alex Yakunin Alex%20Yakunin's gravatar image
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