We've found 2 problems in DO4 with Notifications for newly created Entities:

  • Some propertychanges are notified twice: [list:17wp0xat][*:17wp0xat]First time when the property changes
  • Second time is during ApplyChanges()

[/:m:17wp0xat] Id changes are not notified at all[/list:u:17wp0xat]

My Colleague Andres Rohr already reported the second problem in a Skype chat with Alex:

Hi Alex, a short question: In the disconnected state: If I am creating a new entity (which has an autoid as key) and save it I don't get a 'OnSetFieldValue' event for the Id. This would update the Id in our lists. Is this by design or a bug? I made a small proggy to test that and it's really this way. I see the 'OnSetFieldValue' for all the other properties but not the exchange of the Id.

Please find a test project in the Attachment to this Message

Regards Paul Sinnema Diartis AG

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asked Jul 26 '10 at 09:49

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Paul Sinnema

One Answer:

The value of [Key] fields isn't directly assigned (note that there is even private setter) - we consider entity never exists without a key, so key is assigned during entity initialization. I.e. you simply can't see an entity w/o assigned key - @ any event you can handle, or protected method that can be overriden.

Actually, we fetch all the field values from internal row-like structure: Tuple. So during initialization, [Key] field values are assigned directly to Tuple fields. That's why event for [Key] is never raised.

I'm not fully sure if this must be fixed - we consider it's a natural behavior:

  • Entity appears with key

  • Key can never change. The only exception from this rule is key remapping that happens on completion of DisconnectedState.ApplyChanges method - here we don't set key fields directly as well, but sent "all properties are changed" via INotifyPropertyChanged interface on completion of this process).

**> First time when the property changes

Second time is during ApplyChanges()**

That's normal, since we replay the operations on "connected" entities.

You can distinguish between these two cases using Session.IsDisconnected or Session.DisconnectedState properties.

answered Jul 26 '10 at 12:37

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Alex Yakunin

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