Not sure, maybe i missed it, but is DO 4.0 designed to be used on existing databases?

If yes, it is also possible to make the mapping configurable (some customers have more / less fields that need to be mapped)

Thanks Marco

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asked Dec 24 '08 at 11:43

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One Answer:

Yes, it is. But currently there are few limitations:

  • For now DO always creates TypeId column - even if it isn't needed (e.g. when a sealed class is mapped to a table). This isn't a technical limitation, i.e. we'll fix this when more important things will be done.

  • If you need inheritance mapping, you MUST "migrate" to our TypeId column. I.e. we support a single Type identifier (key): integer.

Concerning mapping configuration: we build model in two steps now:

  • Build *Def objects (TypeDef, FieldDef, etc.) by specified types and attributes - they provide lightweight, read-write Domain model

  • At this point you can change, add or delete these *Def objects - use DomainConfiguration.Builders property & IDomainBuilder

  • Build Info (TypeInfo, FieldInfo, etc.) objects describing the final model. It is built solely by Def model. Model validation is also performed on this step.

So basically you can implement any model\mapping change logic you need.

Kind regards, Alexander Yakunin The President of Xtensive LLC

answered Dec 24 '08 at 11:44

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Alex Yakunin

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