I received an email from you in November stating : "Your license for DataObjects.Net v4.0, SMB Edition will expire on January 01, 2009. "

The details on your pages seem to sya that we can convert a 3.9 license to a V4 licence within a certain time frame, however it does not appear to be useful offer if it is not going to be possible to move my existing implementation from 3.9 to 4.

I would love to do this as the single doDataObject table design in V3 still causes me lots ot problems with deadlocks etc.

However, an extensive rewrite to move to V4 would not be practical, so the only practical way would be via a migration tool. for this to work would mean support for the V3 query language, security system, text searching etc most of which does not appear to be implemented in V4.

So how about a statement/guidence about migration from 3.9 to 4

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I have been thinking about the potential problems of moving my 3.9 application to V4.

I have a quite number of classes that use many aspects of 3.9, so even if you provided a database conversion I suspect the move to V4 would involve a lot of recoding and risk.

Although I am very keen to move to V4 when it is ready, if it involved considerable work then it probaly would not be done.

So I was wondering if it would be possible to provide a simple bridge between 3.9 objects and V4 objects, this would probably consist of proxies to support simple relationships between the two. Ideally this would allow me to build addition modules in V4 that have simple relations to 3.9 objects in the current modules and to migrate over current V3.9 modues gradually to V4.

For example I have an Account class, that represents a user, it is used by many modules. If I added a module developed in V4 it would have to be able to support at least a one to one/one to many relationship to the 3.9 Account object.

What do you think ?

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Hi everyone - we're returning (as well as all the other people from Russia) from New Year holidays period tomorrow. Thanks god :) It looks like our gov. has finally legalized ~ 1.5 months of vacations per year (taking in account these additional 10 days) - all the former promises to remove other holidays are fully forgotten now ;) Ok, returning back to subj.: 1) v4.0 license always comes along with v3.9 license - i.e. if you use commercial v4.0, you have v3.9 license as well. See http://wiki.dataobjects.net/index.php?t ... or_v3.9.3F 2) v4.0 feature set is really incomplete now. We're working on next major update now (LINQ, schema upgrade) - after its release it will be practically usable - i.e. we can fully honestly say it is a "release of v4.0". 3) Concerning upgrade to v4.0: please see http://wiki.dataobjects.net/index.php?t ... to_v4.0.3F . We'll update this part when anything related to this will be added.

For now such a solution seems anyway rather complex for us: v3.9 code base is very large, so we must make lots of efforts to get a good compatibility of such a proxy. And I fear it will not solve all of potential problems (e.g. queries are completely different) in any case. So it's quite risky for us to invest into this... Imagine, this will be a temporary solution in any case. For everyone. After ~ 1 year it won't be used at all...

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