Is it possible to use DO 4.0 with another dotnet-language other than CSharp e.g F# or Visual Basic.Net ?? If it is possible, are there restrictions compared to use with CSharp ??

thanks Fred

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asked Aug 19 '09 at 23:05

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Yes, they must work; on the other hand, we didn't explicitly test DO with any other language. But e.g. v3.9 fully supports VB.NET, so in general, we're aware about the issues related to it.

I can suggest the following: if you'll face any issue related to VB.NET or F#, notify us. We'll try to fix it in 24 hours and send the nightly build to you. If we'll be late, or nightly build won't work, we'll provide you with SMB license for free.

Forgot to add: PostSharp fully supports IL code emitted by C# and VB.NET compilers. The code produced by other compilers is not guaranteed to be processed well by it, so e.g. you may face some issues with persistent models written on F#. On the other hand, PostSharp is used only for assemblies containing persistent types, so if you write them on C# or VB.NET, there must be no any problems.

answered Aug 20 '09 at 02:16

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Alex Yakunin

Fred347 wrote: Good to hear that. Thanks

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