We're thinking of writing our next generation of applications to run on Silverlight. Both in and out of browser.

This will be fine for corporate clients where we can reasonably expect them to run a web service to provide data to the SL applications via DO.NET.

In the case of individual customers running applications on their desktops or laptops (frequently without any kind of internet access), expecting them to run and maintain web servers on their local machines to provide web services, is a bit much to ask. In this case, they need to be able to access a local data store.

Can DataObjects.Net provide access to local data stores, or is this likely to become an option in the future (i.e. under Silverlight 4)?

I hope all that makes sense, Steve

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Hi Alex,

Thanks for your reply.

It's a shame that the local storage options isn't available yet.

I think that is the only stumbling block stopping small ISV's like me from being able to write a single applications that will suit both the corporate and stand-alone user, 'talk' to any o the major database types, and ultimately run in or out of browser on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Oh well, dreams are free... :-)

Thanks again, Steve

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One Answer:

It was one of our original goals - to bring storage with true LINQ support to Silverlight. Likely, you know that finally we decided to implement most of "default" features first, and switch to our own storage + other platforms (Mono, Silverlight) later. Now this "later" very close - we implemented most of really complex stuff we though about, although I feel we will be able to start evaluating Silverlight support only in Summer.

So in short, now it isn't clear when we'll be able to start this. Being on your place, I'd start developing something relying on this only after announce like "we started to work on this, and moreover, have working alpha". As practice shows, "later" may take much longer than I expect... All depend on a particular case.

We understand such a feature would be really cool...

But until this release we had another issue: most of users expects to see a set of standard features there. A minimal set, that must work. Until this is done, the framework looks at least suspecious. So we were working hard to bring some of such features (DisconnectedState and full-text search were among the most important ones).

Hopefully, now it will be easier to move toward our own local storage and other platforms.

answered Mar 01 '10 at 15:11

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Alex Yakunin

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