3.9 was very good, though it had some annoyances (e.g. online/offline types, factory methods instead of normal constructors, etc.), and served us well for a couple years.

We waited and waited eagerly for 4.0. It took a while to come out, but I think it was the correct decision to make sure that you had a perfectly architected product at the expense of an earlier release date.

We now have the most powerful ORM product on the market, and that makes our jobs SO MUCH easier: easier to train developers, faster to develop features, easier to manage our product.

I wonder if you could compare DO with other popular ORM products, not simply in terms of performance (http://www.ormbattle.net), but also in terms of features, limitations, and productivity (e.g. how easy is it so do something - but to do it CORRECTLY). I think this would take a day of your time but serve your marketing well.

Oh ya... and it's probably a good time to update the stats on ormbattle.net =)

A job well done. Please extend our congratulations to your entire team. And please, keep it up =)

Updated at 04.03.2010 1:40:21

I almost forgot: I've subscribed to the forum's RSS feed. Your support is AMAZING as well.

You should create some publicly-viewable area where we can lavish praise, criticism, and ideas. I know that this forum serves this purpose well, but you cannot expect all potential customers to dig through your forums to find the one post that aggregates this content.

This thread was imported from our support forum. The original discussion may contain more detailed answer.

asked Mar 04 '10 at 01:37

ara's gravatar image


One Answer:

Alex (Xtensive) wrote:

Thank you for sharing your opinion here - this is really pleasant :)

I know, we still have to do a lot of things we promised (ACLs, Mono\Silverlight, sync, our own embedded DB), and finally "amazing" must imply they're there. So we'll work further to bring them. Good thing is that most of such features can't act as blocking factor for using the product - I hope v4.2 has closed the most important gaps here.

Yesterday we've been discussing a set of topics you've touched:

1) Feature comparison chart: we really need it. Its absence makes people to compare our product to others by their own, that implies they must study other products by their own. Obviously, this is not good, mainly because some % of visitors might simply leave the web site because of this.

We can't publish such a chart on ORMBattle, this won't be accepted well by other tool vendors. But there can be some commonly agreed subset of it.

2) Website in general: needs few more optimizations simplifying navigation, e.g. "Download" links on the first page. Moreover, DO4 is currently not explicitly positioned there - there is no slogan, but just feature names & links to Manual (btw, this is good only for developers, but not for any managing stuff). So we must add slogan + link to feature map.

Few more places require more explicit navigation markup - e.g. product logos on "Products" page are actually links.

3) This forum & support. Earlier we thought about moving support to StackOverflow, but the idea was finally rejected (btw, this isn't what stackoverlow.com favors). But I still like this idea - mainly, because StackOverflow is designed to support "question-best answer" model directly. + There is RSS subscription, easy login, etc. - i.e. what people expect to see here.

So we can either try to implement StackOverflow-like workflows here (any ideas? Are there products that might help us to achieve this?), or explicitly state we'll answer the questions on StackOverflow.com as well (i.e. we'll start to rely on their infrastructure).

4) ORMBattle (recently became ORMeter) update: see http://groups.google.ru/group/ormbattle ... 06aa99331b (just published).

We don't expect increase of our own result this time, although, if we'll implement concurrent request execution, which is pretty simple, we have a huge chance to beat BLToolkit on many tests. So let's see - likely, Denis needs just few days to bring this feature to DO4.

beany wrote:

Well, I agree with the topicstarter.

I stumbled by accident on DO. After reading the documentation, playing a bit with it I must admint: I love it! As a programmer I dont want to think about Application <-> Database traffic. DO handles it very nicly!

Little question though: I was not able to get it running in Visual Studio 2010 RC. It seemed PostSharp was the problem. Any plans on supporting(getting it to work out of the box and supply VS templates) VS2010 soon?

I am busy working in VS2010(better WPF support) creating a UI. I would like to use DO too :)

Alex (Xtensive) wrote:

Concerning VS2010: see viewtopic.php?f=29&t=5777

Issue to track: http://code.google.com/p/dataobjectsdot ... ail?id=507

Scheduled for v4.3 - the next major update.

answered Mar 04 '10 at 07:46

Editor's gravatar image


i have not used them much... but maybe look at stackexchange.com and getsatisfaction.com

(Mar 04 '10 at 07:46) ara ara's gravatar image

Hmm, I didn't hear about StackExchange. I'll consider all the options, thanks :)

(Mar 04 '10 at 07:46) Alex Yakunin Alex%20Yakunin's gravatar image
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