We are currently developing a solution using DO 4.3 RC.

The problem is that we need a solution to continue to develop after expiration of trial version of 4.3 RC (Postsharp and DO) The dates of expiration on my computer is 31/07/2010 for DO and 8/07/2010 for Postsharp 2

Do you think you will release a version with commercial license before the 08 July 2010? (I don't know if we have bought already but we will ;) )

Regards, Julien

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asked Jun 25 '10 at 08:20

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One Answer:

Yes, definitely.

Btw, PostSharp expiration won't lead to any issues: actually, its messages about expiration should be ignored in case with DO at all, since we ship redistributable license with our own aspects. You see warnings because PostSharp first checks for presence of normal license and trial expiration (and here it warns you), and then, after loading our plugin, it discovers there is a redistributable license, so there is nothing to worry about. Probably, this issue is already fixed in its latest build (I'll check this in few days - I'm going to publish one more RC ASAP).

But anyway, the only factor you should pay attention to in case with latest DO v4.3 is date of expiration of its trial period.

One more note: assemblies compiled with current version of DO4 will function infinitely. So expiration period in the current version is related just to compile-time components.

answered Jun 25 '10 at 18:41

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Alex Yakunin

olorin wrote: Thanks for your reply.

So all is clear : I can use DO.Net for DO trial period for dev, assemblies are valid forever, because license check is compile time only.

I'm waiting for final release of 4.3!

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