I am trying to use DO.NET with F#, and because of a rule in the F# type system, the dual implementation of IContextBound -- the purpose of which I understand is obsolete, leaving the implementation deprecated -- causes compilation in F# of Entity subtypes to fail.

Full detail to reproduce is here: http://bobcalco.wordpress.com/2010/04/05/a-surprising-limitation-in-the-f-type-system/

They spin this as a feature in the F# specification, however if indeed the implementation is obsolete, it would be great to remove one or both of those implementations of IContextBound<t>, so that I can use F# as a language to define a DO.NET data model.

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2 Answers:

Right now Entity supports just one generic instance of IContextBound<T>: IContextBound<ValidationContextBase> (through IValidationAware).

Support of IContextBound<AtomicityContextBase> (through IAtomicityAware) was removed during recent refactoring of Operations framework.

The nearest update will include this change.

answered Aug 26 '10 at 13:59

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Which version/build will have this fix?

FYI, I am currently running 4.3.0 Build 5521 but planning to upgrade this to the nightly version 4.3.1 build 5790 unless there is a good reason to stick with the final 4.3.1.

(Aug 29 '10 at 06:03) BobCalco BobCalco's gravatar image

F# support will be available in the upcoming DataObjects.Net 4.4 release.

Stay tuned.

answered Nov 09 '10 at 08:38

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