I'd like to use a sequential guid for a primary key of an entity. Ideally, the key generator should provide unique sequential (or at least nearly sequential) guids regardless of multiple processes concurrently creating instances of the entity.

The DO feature documentation lists "Fast key generation (Hi-Lo algorithm, sequential guid algorithm)," but I cannot find any documentation on the built-in algorithm or how to use it.

Does this key generator already exist, and if so, can someone point me in the right direction?

P.S. I'm very new to DO and so far I'm blown away -- great work!

asked Jan 06 '11 at 00:12

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One Answer:


The generator you are asking about will be included in DataObjects.Net in the upcoming version (4.4). For now it is in beta stage and is not intended to be used in real applications.

So, I'd recommend you to use default Guid generator until sequential one is ready.

answered Jan 06 '11 at 03:39

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Dmitri Maximov

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