Every time I compile my solution I get annoying DataObjects.NET license agent window popping up suggesting prolong my DataObjects 4.3.5 subscription. My usage license, I believe, is intact but I currently have no plans to prolong the subscription (at least for 3 months). Yet I still want to compile my application. Please, how can I disable this message popping up?

asked Jan 31 '11 at 16:17

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If you reach trial period, then this is excepted behaviour. It is designed to not allow build DO4 projects after trial period. If this can be disabled somehow, then some users will never buy licence. This restriction is designed to be compile-time, not runtime.

(This is only my opinion, i'm not from xtensive team)

(Feb 01 '11 at 00:13) Peter Ĺ ulek Peter%20%C5%A0ulek's gravatar image

2 Answers:

After some negotiations on the subject and thorough testing, we've agreed that the most natural way to get rid of popups is to configure standard Windows tray icon notification area to "Hide" the License Manager notifications.

answered Feb 04 '11 at 05:01

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Dmitri Maximov

edited Feb 04 '11 at 05:02

Hello murlex,

DataObjects.Net tries notifying you that the license is about to expire soon, so in case you don't prolong it, you won't be able to build any DataObjects.Net-based project. The notification starts when 45 days is left before the license expiration and the tool tip appears once a day.

As for notification mode, I agree that as you've found it annoying, we could change the frequency of popup notification. Say, once in three days it will be less distracting.

UPDATE: This post is about TRIAL version of DataObjects.Net.

answered Feb 01 '11 at 04:55

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Dmitri Maximov

edited Feb 01 '11 at 08:24

As far as I understand I purchased license to use product which IS NOT LIMITED by time! Am I wrong??? Popping up message talks about SUPPORT and NEW VERSIONS only prolongation, which I currently don't need. May be later. But how it is related to my PRODUCT USAGE license? Do we talk about the same thing?

(Feb 01 '11 at 07:48) murlex murlex's gravatar image

murlex, excuse my being incorrect.

You are right. The product usage is not limited by time. The popping message really talks about support & new versions, and isn't related to the product usage.

Will the above mentioned measures for notification mode be enough not to annoy you or should we add a checkbox 'Do not disturb me anymore' to the License Manager?

(Feb 01 '11 at 08:00) Dmitri Maximov Dmitri%20Maximov's gravatar image

Would be very nice... But what can I do now? Some trick maybe? By the way, it is exactly now my support subscription finally expired :) So, I can't upgrade even when your fix will be available :( Still have I some options?

(Feb 01 '11 at 08:46) murlex murlex's gravatar image

I think we could do something about it. As soon as a solution appears, I'll contact you.

Thanks for your patience.

(Feb 01 '11 at 08:59) Dmitri Maximov Dmitri%20Maximov's gravatar image

Thank you very much. I'll be waiting.

(Feb 01 '11 at 13:16) murlex murlex's gravatar image
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