I'm not sure if it is possible so asking you.

public class Obj1
   public EntitySet<Obj1> ChildItems{get;private set;}

I have n levels of master detail.

Now im specifying [Field(LazyLoad=false)] but in some cases i don't need all the items. What is the best way to ask the DO to prefetch the child items collection?

Also is it possible to check without any additional property that it is the root item? Now i'm using IsRoot property set to true for top level objects.

so my query looks like

session.Query.All<obj1>().Where(o=>o.IsRoot == true)

asked Apr 27 '11 at 05:40

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One Answer:

Hello Janosh,

First of all, attribute LazyLoad = true doesn't make any sense on EntitySets, as they always are loaded on demand.

Secondly, I'd suggest you to add a paired back reference from child to parent, say:

public class Obj1
  public Obj1 Parent { get; set; }

  [Association(PairTo = "Parent")]
  public EntitySet<Obj1> ChildItems{get;private set;}

This will help you to detect roots in more graceful manner:

Query.All<Obj1>().Where(o => o.Parent == null);

Hope that helps.

answered Apr 27 '11 at 05:48

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Dmitri Maximov

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