Is there still support for a memory provider/protocol in DataObjects.NET?

According to the documentation:

In-memory database memory://localhost/Tests – connecting to in-memory database called 'Tests' on local machine.


<domain name="TestDomain" connectionurl="memory://localhost/MyTests"/>

I wrote my code with:

<domain name="Default" upgrademode="Recreate" connectionurl="memory://localhost/Tests"/>


Xtensive.Orm.Configuration.DomainConfiguration aDomainConfiguration = Xtensive.Orm.Configuration.DomainConfiguration.Load("Default");

aDomainConfiguration.Types.Register(typeof(Domain.Order).Assembly, typeof(Domain.Order).Namespace);

var aDomain = Xtensive.Orm.Domain.Build(aDomainConfiguration);

is throwing me:

Provider "memory" is not supported. Use one of the following: "'sqlserver', 'sqlserverce', 'postgresql', 'oracle', 'mysql', 'firebird'".

Am I missing anything?

Thanks in advance,

Pedro Góes

EDIT: After answers:

Thank you both for the prompt answer. Now, I just want to share a concern regarding testability.

I have a solution with 3 relevant layers for this scenario. A presenter, which handles an underlying domain and dataobjects.net.

Usually, there would be some sort of mapping layer, with repositories and stuff where do4 currently is. That mapping layer would then be mocked during the presenter tests and the concrete implementation (with a real sql server behind) would then be injected in production code (and final testing).

With DO4, I was considering using IMDB for "mocked" testing and real Sql Server for production. It seemed like a great option. Now, as I understand it, the idea is that I use Sql Server CE for the "mocked" tests. Right?

How does this go in testing performance? I mean, sure mocking (with Moq, or whatever used) is not a good deal in testing performance (from my experience it could easily bump a single test from 1ms to around 200ms) but how does Sql CE perform in comparison? Does it make things better? Worse? A lot worse?

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Sorry, the documentation is out of date, it will be fixed soon. As Malisa answered, the memory provider is no longer supported. Consider using scenario with SQL Server CE.

(Jun 05 '12 at 05:54) Dmitri Maximov Dmitri%20Maximov's gravatar image

One Answer:

In-Memory DB is no longer supported in DataObjects.Net 4.5. See http://blog.dataobjects.net/2012/03/dataobjectsnet-45-release-candidate.html

answered Jun 05 '12 at 01:34

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