Hi! We've been developing a large application using EF, until recently, where the problems we have with EF made us to do a research on a better ORM. The best one we come up with is yours, lots of features, lots of thinking on better approaches and ...

One problem I faced while reading the help file is that it seems you do not allow to have the actual foreign key in the entity class, for instance, if I have an Entity "Order" which in database has a column Named CustomerID, this whill appear in DO.Net as having a property of type Customer. I also need the CustomerID, on Order itself. This is vital for our application framework to work correctly.

Can I do this using DO.Net?

asked Jul 07 '12 at 03:38

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One Answer:

Hello Alireza,

you can add non-persistent property with special getter that does the job:

public long CustomerId
    return GetReferenceKey(TypeInfo.Fields["Customer"]).Value.GetValue<long>(0);

answered Jul 09 '12 at 06:10

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Denis Krjuchkov

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