Here is the output:

Schema difference:
"./" != "./" (NodeDifference): Unknown
+Tables: "./Tables (170)" != "./Tables (170)" (NodeCollectionDifference): 1 change(s)
"./Tables/RegLanguagePack" != "./Tables/RegLanguagePack" (NodeDifference): Unknown
+SecondaryIndexes: "./Tables/RegLanguagePack/SecondaryIndexes (2)" != "./Tables/RegLanguagePack/SecondaryIndexes (2)" (NodeCollectionDifference): 1 change(s)
"./Tables/RegLanguagePack/SecondaryIndexes/IXP_RegLanguagePack_Index" != "./Tables/RegLanguagePack/SecondaryIndexes/IXP_RegLanguagePack_Index" (NodeDifference): Unknown
+Filter: "([IsActive]=CONVERT([bit],(1)))" != "([IsActive] = cast(1 as bit))" (ValueDifference): values differ

The index is defined like this:

[Index("IsActive", Filter = "Index", Unique = true)]

/// <summary>
        /// Частичный индекс
        /// </summary>
        public static Expression<Func<RegLanguagePack, bool>> Index
            get { return r => r.IsActive == true; }

asked Jan 31 '13 at 03:44

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edited Jan 31 '13 at 03:44

I can confirm the problem. However it would take some time to decide how to improve storage of partial index information.

(Feb 01 '13 at 02:22) Denis Krjuchkov Denis%20Krjuchkov's gravatar image

One Answer:

Hello xumix,

fix would be available in DataObjects.Net 4.6.4

answered Jul 18 '13 at 09:51

Denis%20Krjuchkov's gravatar image

Denis Krjuchkov

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