Because the installer of DataObjects.NET 4.0.5 cannot be found anywhere anymore, I'm trying to get the (old) project going by adding the DLLs I found on the production server (in C:\Program Files) to the project itself.

Aside from the Xtensive DLLs, I had to add Microsoft.Practices.*, log4net, PostSharp.Public and PostSharp.Laos (which I found elsewhere; version confirmed the same). Now I'm left with one error I can't get rid of when I build:

PostSharp: The plug-in "Xtensive.Core.Weaver" required by the assembly "Xtensive.Storage, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=93a6c53d77a5296c" was not found.

Apparently, even though the DLL is referenced, that is not good enough for PostSharp. I already tried adding it to the GAC with gacutil.exe I found in the copied install dir of DataObjects.NET 4.0.5. I also tried setting the dataobjectsdotnetpath variable in the csproj (as described in a question I found here), but that didn't change anything.

I feel I'm very close to getting it working and I hope I will find absolution here :)

asked Jul 09 '13 at 05:25

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Hello halfgaar!

Xtensive.Core.Weaver is a plug-in for PostSharp (in other words it's a build-time component). It should be registered via MSBuild configuration properties.

Unfortunately I can't give you exact advice how to do this. Likely you need to inspect PostSharp.targets file for a MSBuild property name that is used to define search path for plugins. In PostSharp 2 this property is called PostSharpSearchPath. It should be the same or similar for PostSharp 1.0 / 1.5.

answered Jul 09 '13 at 11:40

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Denis Krjuchkov

You pushed me in the right direction :). I copied the Xtensive.Core.Weaver .dll, .xml and .psplugin into C:\Program Files (x86)\PostSharp 1.0 and it builds now! The weird thing is, though, that the webserver that runs the project doesn't have those files there, nor can I find references in it or the msbuild config to them. So, this might not be the ultimate solution, but I'm getting there :)

(Jul 10 '13 at 02:55) halfgaar halfgaar's gravatar image
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