We currently have one project in 5.0.0.Beta-2, and one project in 4.6.6.

We'd like to share a common dll that references dataobjects, so we have to chose between 5.0.0.Beta-2 and 4.6.6.

We'll go to 4.6.6 because it's the stable version.

Can we safely downgrade a 5.0.0.Beta-2 project to 4.6.6 ?

asked Jul 22 '14 at 03:03

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Benoit Nesme

One Answer:

I can answer to my own question, here the steps I followed to downgrade to 4.6.6 from 5.0.0 :

  • Update all csproj files to reference 4.6 xtensive dlls and add postsharp dll + update targets in .csproj files.
  • When running for the first time, exception 'Cannot upgrade Xtensive.Orm.Security from 5.0 to 4.6 : I manually changed the version of Xtensive.* in the database table 'dbo.[Metadata.Assembly]' to 4.6.6
  • Then on second run, an exception : no remove hints for 'MyNamespace.MyEntity.MyValue' where MyValue is of type of an enum declared in the class 'MyEntity'. In this case, 4.6 expects the column in database to be named 'MyEntity.MyValue' whereas 5.0 expects it to be 'MyValue'. Manually changing it in database made the domain build.

After some tests, the application seems to run fine.

answered Jul 22 '14 at 05:07

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Benoit Nesme

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