The target part from localization key get not the remapped key.
No exception with ServerProfile-Session!


SQL error occured.
SQL error details 'Type: ReferentialConstraintViolation;'
Query 'INSERT INTO [CountryLocalization] ([CultureName], [Target.Id], [PostalText],
 [OfficialText], [AdditionalText], [Text]) VALUES (@p0_0, @p0_1, @p0_2, @p0_3, @p0_4, @p0_5); [p0_0='en-US';p0_1='-1';p0_2='';p0_3='';p0_4='';p0_5='TestCountry']'
Original message 'A foreign key value cannot be inserted because a corresponding primary key value does not exist. [ Foreign key constraint name = FK_CountryLocalization_Target_Country ]'


using( var session = domain.OpenSession( new SessionConfiguration( SessionOptions.ClientProfile ) ) )
  new Country( session ) { Text = "TestCountry", Code2 = "TE", Code3 = "TES",
                           CodeInt = 1000 };
  // Exception

asked Sep 15 '14 at 05:33

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edited Sep 15 '14 at 05:36

Thank you for report, TeaMan.

(Sep 15 '14 at 10:11) Alexey Kulakov Alexey%20Kulakov's gravatar image

One Answer:

Thanks a lot, TeaMan, for your report.

We've already fixed this bug.

answered Sep 22 '14 at 05:13

Alexey%20Kulakov's gravatar image

Alexey Kulakov

Good to hear, but when will the fixed version be released?

Thank you.

(Oct 24 '14 at 05:43) TeaMan TeaMan's gravatar image

I think we'll release next version this week.

(Oct 27 '14 at 09:15) Alexey Kulakov Alexey%20Kulakov's gravatar image
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